Writing Highway 395

Writing Highway 395

August 10-17, 2019, June Lake, California

Cost: $700 ($50 discount to the first three people who register)

A glorious eight-day camping adventure dedicated to the creative process as nurtured by the mountain air. Intensive focus on your writing, exploring the eastern side of the California Sierra, creating a small and dedicated community with other writers – there’s room for it all in this workshop!

At June Lake, with the snow-clad Sierra as a backdrop among the pines and boulders strewn along the ridges, intrepid writers will create a positive, supportive, dynamic community in the wilderness. As the instructor, Clive will draw on many years’ experience helping writers merge words with the power of their creative unconscious. Writers will sprawl across our campsite with notebooks and laptops and go deep into favorite projects, or ease into discovery of something new, encouraged by the birdsong and sway of the pines.

Information and registration: Writing Highway 395 website

Contact Clive for more information.