Do you ever wonder how Sylvia Plath or Dylan Thomas did such remarkable writing? They were so close to their creativity they may simply have recorded the images rising through their minds. In these workshops we call that creative source the “Crazy Child” and we avoid the usual editorial judgments. We let that Child write! No matter if it is stories, poems, a play, songs or an ecstatic essay, the Child’s word will likely contain our most vivid writing. Technically, this kind of writing is proprioceptive ~ dealing with the stories contained in our nervous systems; it is unpredictable and imparts texture, flair and power to language. For beginners, for intermediate writiers and for professionals who want to expand their horizons.

The Syngenetic Workshop

When we share our writing, the workshop will inform us – more quickly than we could discover on our own – exactly what that memorable writing is. The workshops are “syngenetic” – our feedback is designed to mirror to the author what the reader hears. “Syngenetic” means “with a similar origin”; the workshop’s effort is to learn the primary impulse of your writing and help it come to fruition. Positive feedback deepens everyone’s understanding of your words as we hear what others find memorable — and thus gives a valid foundation from which to make comments. Our goal is to offer two or three suggestions for your next revision, or two or three techniques to keep in mind as you continue your writing. These workshops have evolved over the last fifteen years from Peter Elbow’s “teacherless class.”


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