10-Week Workshops: Poetry, prose, plays, nonfiction

Bring copies of your work in progress – journal, story, poem, novel, play or essay. Read it aloud and take notes as the workshop quotes your own most powerful lines back to you. This not only supports your strengths, it immerses the workshop more deeply in your piece. As one person repeats an image, I hear it again, review my own reaction, and sink closer to your intent. The syngenetic (having the same origin) workshop furthers your work with feedback from the same place – as much as possible – as the primary impulse of your writing.

We’ll next ask a question like, “How does this character help the piece?” “What is the piece about?” “What is the function of that image?” and address the structure of your piece. You will pick up one or two rewrite suggestions – which you are free to apply, ignore, or use in a later piece. The workshop will quickly tune into your strengths and weaknesses, and you will find that your writing skills improve dramatically.

Workshops meet in Temescal District, Oakland

Fee: $400
Also included in these sessions are one-day workshops,
10am to 5pm Saturdays.

Monday workshops take place 7:00 to 10:00pm.

Wednesday workshops take place 7:00 to 10:00pm.


We encourage participants to bring their writing, including prose, to Poetry Saloons (drunk on poetry!)
472 44th Street, Oakland
6:00pm potluck, 7:30pm reading
Every second Friday of the month.

Contact Clive to join one of these classes.