Let the Crazy Child Write!

Let the Crazy Child Write!

LET THE CRAZY CHILD WRITE! celebrates the role of the creative unconscious or Crazy Child in stories, poems, plays, and essays. Examples show how the Crazy Child informs our writing and gives it texture and flair, and a plethora of exercises allow you to demonstrate for yourself the power of the knowledge in your own body. Topics covered are Image Detail, Slow Motion, Hook, Persona, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Narrative Presence, Good Cliches, Character, Surrealism, and Resolution.

Once you have a first draft, the next step is shaping your writing into its most powerful form. LET THE CRAZY CHILD WRITE! shows you how easy it is to follow the “kindergarten rules” of the syngenetic workshop. These guidelines honor your original, primary impulse to write and make rewriting a positive, fulfilling experience. You can use them with your internal editor, your writing partner, or your writing group.

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The Crazy Child is also your connection to the past. Everything in your genetic history, your cultural history, your familial history, and your personal history is recorded in your body – in your nervous system. Your Crazy Child has direct access to it all. Everything you have done, and everything that has been done to you, is in its domain.


  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Chapter 1: Discussion
  4. Chapter 1: Exercise
  5. Chapter 1: Workshop
  6. Chapter 1: Practice


Praise For Let The Crazy Child Write Method

Clive Matson, a master teacher, set me on the path to writing freely, to writing with exuberance and joy. ~ Isabelle Maynard, author of China Dreams

Clive encourages the discovery of what so impassions us to write in the first place, what he calls the voice of ‘the Crazy Child’ — the intuitive, the raw, the bloody. ~ Laura Glen Louis, author of “Fur” from The Best American Short Stories 1994

I’ve seen every kind of writer come from Clive’s workshops very much improved and with a newfound confidence. He cherishes the primary impulse to create in everyone. He leads his merry band of writers to a place of vibrant self-realization; his humor and enthusiasm are as infectious as his wisdom. ~ Joe Quirk, author of The Ultimate Rush