Clive Matson writes from an itch in his body

The Crazy Child One-Day Workshops

The next Crazy Child Workshop will take place April 12 at Clive’s in Oakland. RSVP at

We are close to our creative source when the child within speaks its mind and ignores any critical or editorial voices. In the morning we will let that “Crazy Child” write. And when the exercise is shared, the workshop as a whole will likely point to several sentences and say, “Those images are striking!” or “That scene is full of power!” These are clues for the afternoon’s exercise, or we may follow our inner sense of the story and let the Child write freely again. Technically, this is proprioceptive writing – dealing with the stories and images contained in our nervous systems – and it gives texture and flair to all kinds of writing.

We are usually surprised by how much writing we do in these workshops, and by its competence. Three participants, for example, submitted their stories to a recent anthology; all three were accepted, one won third prize and another won first prize.

For beginners, for developing writers and for professionals who want to expand their horizons.

Saturdays, 10am – 5pm, once a month

Fee: $80

One-day workshops are free to participants in the current sessions of 10-week Workshops, Novel Workshops, and Novel’s Arc.
Sign up with the Crazy Child Meetup Group! First-timers are eligible for a 50% discount when registering through this group.


The Mind-Body Crazy Child One-Day Workshops

We are close to our creative source when the child within speaks its mind and ignores any critical or editorial voices.

In the spirit of the Crazy Child and the Rebel Saint, this workshop will combine Clive’s synergetic teaching style – opening ourselves and writing up to positive group reflection – with Tressa’s meditations that will guide us to a more spacious opening within.  These outer and inner techniques, when combined, are a doorway to creative impulses that are often blocked by the “noise” of everyday life.  Relaxing and quieting the mind, tapping into body sensations (feelings), we are more attuned to what the Crazy Child wants to express through writing.  To Be and Become Writing.

Cost is $85. Contact (415)668-0122.

The last Mind-Body Workshop took place Saturday February 1, 10:00am-5:00pm in Oakland.


Tressa Berman, Ph.D. is an anthropologist, author and dharma practitioner.  She has worked with cultural creatives around the world – from the red desert of Australia to the Midnight Sun of northern Norway.  A former student of Zen Master Sasaki Roshi, she was ordained as a lay monk at the San Francisco Zen Center, and is currently in Vipassana training at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.


MindBody Feb1


Too-Busy-2-Write Writers’ Group

The next Too-Busy-2-Write meetup will be April 15.

These mini-Crazy Child Workshops meet at 7-9pm on a Tuesday night for those who are too busy to otherwise do the writing they love. Clive will introduce an exercise and then leave the writers in piece for a whole hour. The second hour is for sharing writers’ work.

Workshops begin April 1 and recur every two weeks. The suggested donation is $20 per workshop. (If you bring healthy cookies to share, suggested donation is less.) RSVP to Clive at (510)508-5149/(510)654-6495 or email