A vast stream of creative energy runs though us every moment.  Clive creates a positive, trusting environment in his workshops where we are empowered to engage our creative unconscious and express ourselves fully and fearlessly in our writing, whether stories, poems, plays, full-length fiction, memoir, or essays.

Clive has taught over 3,000 workshops to budding and experienced writers alike since 1979 and was named Best Writing Teacher in 2006 by the East Bay Express.  “Let the Crazy Child Write!” (New World Library, 1998) grew out of his teaching and gives full honor to the creative unconscious.

There are many ways to engage the Crazy Child to enhance your writing:

Praise for Clive’s teaching:

Clive Matson, a master teacher, set me on the path to writing freely, to writing with exuberance and joy. Isabelle Maynard, author of China Dreams 1996

Clive encourages the discovery of what so impassions us to write in the first place, what he calls the voice of ‘the Crazy Child’ – the intuitive, the raw, the bloody.  Laura Glen Louis, author of “Fur” from The Best American Short Stories 1994

I’ve seen every kind of writer come from Clive’s workshops very much improved and with a new-found confidence. He cherishes the primary impulse to create in everyone.  He leads his merry band of writers to a place of vibrant self-realization; his humor and enthusiasm are as infectious as his wisdom.  Joe Quirk, author of The Ultimate Rush 1998

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