Clive’s work


What I set out to do, as a poet, started changing within a couple of years. My neo-Beat poetry begged to be expanded beyond its hip ethos, then my political family background came to the fore and asked that I write in an open form and communicate more clearly, next my interest in the sonnet captivated me, combined with a deepening meditation practice.

These and similar changes kept me learning and growing through the later 1900s and into the twenty teens. Along the way I began writing fiction, essays, and plays. Among the many changes, among the minor and the sweeping changes, the most transformative event was happening on the Chalcedony poems.

These affirm the considerations that emerge as consistent through all my work. They also give me confidence in my voice, which comes through most strongly in those poems, and has migrated into the rest of my work. What are these considerations? An interest in consciousness, in passion, in the body, in being as complete a being in life as I can, as if I am called upon to be a guide.

This role asks an honesty and an authenticity I aspire to constantly.