Blogging offers a forum for writing about the many interesting things that happen, it hardly needs mentioning. An enlightening moment in a workshop, a sudden insight on how a favorite poet went about constructing images, an article from another literary tradition that calls for a response.

These come from outside, and still I need a correlative internal excitement for the blog to get written. That might come while backpacking, or in conversation with a friend, or waking at 5am with thoughts stirring in my head, some response I had no idea was brewing. Sometimes a half dozen events happen in a row, and I blog half of these. Sometimes several months go by and there are no posts.

“Sudden Wind and Moonlight” is the general file for literary and personal events, high points of a reading and even dreams or thoughts about my creative process. “Writing Highway 395” focuses on the beauty of the east side of the Sierra and the inspirational times we have there. “Writing Occupy” at first kept pace with the movement and notices now that Occupy activity is spotted around the country. Insights in the blog, in the best of all possible worlds, would add to this transformative movement.