A week-long creative  workshop in the Sierra led by CLIVE MATSON


August 10-17, 2019
Pinecliff  Resort
June Lake, Lee Vining  CA




Writing and camping in California mountains

  • Professional-level workshop instruction
  • Comfortable camping facilities
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Field trips to Mono Lake, Bodie, & more
  • Small, inspiring writers’ community

At June Lake, with the snow-clad Sierra as a backdrop amongst the pines and boulders strewn along the ridges, intrepid writers will create a positive, supportive, dynamic community in the wilderness. The instructor, Clive Matson, will draw on many years’ experience helping writers merge words with the power of their creative unconscious.

We have a week together as a creative group to develop our writing. We’ve pared down to essentials and none of the fuss of daily life matters. For a week, we live simply and eat well, in good company. We camp outside, hike, sleep deeply, write freely, talk long and late, laugh loudly, and sing our hearts out. The distance from our usual concerns and the exotic setting put us quickly into our stories, and even writers who have barely begun to find themselves are amazed at the quantity and quality of their work.




Participants report:


“Writing Highway 395 joined my favorite activities, writing and sharing feedback, with the blessings of hikes and awe- inspiring vistas.


“After a long absence from writing I was starting to feel like the Tin Man. Clive Matsons workshop was the oil can I needed.





Based on the observation that there’s always something valuable in a piece of writing, Clive encourages his students to trust their own creative impulses.